The Discovery of Lash Lift

My name is Peter. I have a lovely wife named Julie and three amazing daughters named Roxie (18 years old), Carolyn (16 years old), and Angelina (13 years old). As you can imagine, my manlihood is based around cute nail colours, flowy dresses, and the stunning eye shadow. The purpose of this blog is for me to talk about the man’s point of view on the latest and newest beauty trends that are passed along to me from my four lovely ladies. In our first series of posts, I would like to talk about this new beauty trend called lash lifting. Now when I first heard the term, I had no idea what it even meant; turns out a lash lift is a beauty procedure that curls and perms your eyelashes to stay semi-permanently curled.

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Results of a Lash Lift

Roxie first mentioned lash lifting to Julie at the dinner table two weeks ago. When she first described it, she was pitching it to us by describing it as “money saving”, “time saving”, and “naturally beautiful.” At first, I just believed it to be another one of my daughter’s wild beauty makeovers that she wants to get into. First it was lip fillers, then hair extensions, and now lash lifts. Kids nowadays are so influenced by celebrities that their “wants” change as fast as the Khloe Kardashian changes boyfriends. Just like every other time, I expected my wife to tell Roxie that her idea is silly and to focus on school instead. But this time was different, Julie responded to Roxie’s suggestion of lash lifting with, “Oh ya! I heard of that before too! I wonder where we can get it done…” Wow, I was mindblown by her response. Julie usually stands strong by my side and shrugs off our daughters’ crazy ideas; but this time was different. Julie actually had an interest in what Roxie was saying and to my surprise, she was also looking to get it done as well! So this dinner conversation quickly turned from Roxie asking for permission, to her and Julie talking about how amazing the results are and where to get it done. I was definitely speechless.

Over the next couple of weeks, Julie would subtly mention to me about how she’s been doing research on where to get the lash lift procedure done. It started to dawn on me that this is going to be a reality and it would be a winless battle for me to fight them on this decision. So I set off to do my own research on lash lifts and how the procedure actually works. We live in Markham, Ontario and there are many beauty clinics around us. I went into a couple of them and asked them about lash lifting; but all I got were sales pitches. I didn’t really understand that; I’m a 55 year old grown man, what makes them think I’M the one they need to sell to? Anyways, the consensus from my field research was that the procedure would cost roughly $100-$150 and the results last for approximately 8 weeks. As explained by the beauticians, the procedure consists of applying a solution to your lashes then curling it. The solution will keep the curl in place, which essentially perms the lashes. The lashes then remain curled until the lashes fall out and new lashes grow out in it’s place. So depending on how quickly your eye lashes fall out and regrow, it will dictate how long the lash lifting will last. The one thing that I like about this procedure is that it is not permanent. That gives me the ease of mind that if it doesn’t turn out well or if Julie and Roxie doesn’t like the procedure, it will fade in a year anyways.

Since there were so many beauty clinics in the Markham area that does lash lifts, I was determined to find the best clinic for my wife and daughter. I came across a website that was really helpful in finding lash lift clinics in a city near you. The site provided a lot of information on pricing, and treatment details which helped me ease my mind a bit. All in all, we have decided on a clinic that was affordable and was highly recommended by this site.

Julie and Roxie’s appointment is scheduled for 2 weeks from now. I will update all of you once I see the results. But until then, to all the men with a bunch of women in your life, stay strong and stay manly!